Translation of stake in Romanian


miză, n.

Pronunciation /steɪk/


  • 1figurative

    (amount risked) miză
    • figurative, literal to play for high stakes a risca tot
    • figurative, literal to raise the stakes a mări miza
    • figurative to be at stake a fi în joc
    • figurative there is a lot at stake sunt foarte multe lucruri în joc
    • figurative, literal to put sth at stake a pune ceva în joc
  • 2

    (in) (în) investiţie
  • 3

    (support) arac
    (thicker) par
    (marker) pichet
  • 4

    (for execution) rug
    • to be burnt at the stake a fi ars pe rug

transitive verb

  • 1

    (money/property) (gamble) a pune în joc
    (reputation) a risca
    • I would stake my life on it mi-aş risca viaţa pentru asta
  • 2

    (plant/tree) (support) a sprijini
  • 3US

    (person) (back) a finanţa